Sustainable farming concept

Sustainable Farming: Why It’s Beneficial For Farmers

Lean and Green BusinessJul 22, 20236 min read

Sustainable farming practices can help reduce environmental degradation, increase crop yields, and reduce operating costs. Benefits of sustainable farms include cost reductions, enhanced soil quality, reduced environmental impact, and crop diversity. Automation, organic fertilizers, and crop rotation are steps to get started with sustainable farming. Sustainable farming provides access to newer markets due to the higher demand for ethically grown produce. Implementing sustainable farming methods can benefit both the environment…

silhouette of a farmer riding a tractor

How to Invest in Farming: Different Ways to Invest and Grow in Agriculture

Lean and Green BusinessJul 17, 202314 min read

Farming is a recession-proof, high-ROI, sustainable investment.  Market demand, geographical location, regulations and infrastructure are factors to consider before investing in farming.  Buying farmland, farm REITs, agricultural stocks, ETFs and mutual funds are popular types of farming investments.  Weather conditions,…

Green Technology

car maintenance

Car Modifications That Would Be Worth It

Lean and Green BusinessOct 15, 20193 min read

One of the great things about cars is, once you own them, you can do anything that you want with…

Bottle filling machine

How Quality Production Equipment Affects Business Performance

Lean and Green BusinessAug 28, 20194 min read

Do you have an existing manufacturing business or just thinking of starting one? Have you given serious thought about which…

person controlling the ship

What Are the Common Causes of Marine Engine Breakdowns?

Lean and Green BusinessAug 25, 20193 min read

A marine engine breakdown while you are sailing is far more than an inconvenience. It is not like having a…

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